FM Radio & Digital Audio Broadcasting

High efficiency FM transmitters, realized with the new LDMOS 6th generation 65:1 technology; all models are equipped with a stereo and mono input and MPX. It is also possible to obtain an AES/EBU input (digital version). All models feature a touch screen display for an easy configuration and management. Other options to fulfill the transmitters are: WEB/SNMP interface, RDS, parallel interface TLC/TLS.

Compact transmitters have a power ratings from 30W to 5KW; for the transmitters with modulator separated from the amplifier, the power ratings is from 5KW to 40KW, they are realized with vertical RF modules and they can operate both with air and liquid cooling. In the liquid cooling version price, the air/liquid exchanger is included. The compact version can have both the digital and the analog modulator. The vertical transmitters feature a digital modulator, but, if requested, it is also possible to get them in analog version.

TF series: 30W-5KW

The TF series is the New generation of air cooled FM Transmitters designed to operate between 87,5 -108 MHz frequency range for FM radio broadcasting appliances with a power range that varies from 30W up to 5KW. All the modular transmitters are available also with Dual Driver configuration and automatic switch-over unit under request (optional).

  1. Frequency range 87,5 to 108 MHz
  2. Advanced LD-MOS technology for power amplifiers
  3. High redundancy
  4. Highly compact for minimum space requirements
  5. All stand-by configurations available ( single transmitter, active or passive output stage stand-by, N+1 system, exciter stand-by)
  6. Transmitter remote control and remote monitoring via Web and SMS ( optionals)

Technical details